Memorial Sea-Hawks Women's Soccer Team 

2015 Roster 









1 Keira Eavis 3 GK CBS, NL
Stacey Hanlon Portugal Cove, NL
Keisha Younge 2 Mount Pearl, NL 
Melissa Reid 2 St. John's, NL 
Claire Skanes D St. John's, NL 
6 Teri Murphy MF Mount Pearl, NL 
Alexe Morgan  5 F Mount Pearl, NL 
Hannah Rivkin 4 MF St. John's, NL 
Jessie Noseworthy 3 St. John's, NL
10  Maria Mackey MF St. John's, NL
11  Jenny Tiller 3 MF  Mount Pearl, NL
12  Emily Bailey 2 F Mount Pearl, NL
13  Jane Pope 3 St. John's, NL 
14  Katie Goodland 4 D St. John's, NL
15  Noelle Stanford  3 St. John's, NL 
16  Jana Gordon 3 MF  Mount Pearl, NL 
17  Anna Aucoin MF Conception Bay South, NL 
18  Courtney Sharron  4 Mount Pearl, NL 
19  Julia Windsor 4 MF  Mount Pearl, NL 
20  Sydney Hector MF  Mississauga, ON
21 Jenny Bent 1 F Conception Bay South, NL
22  Hannah Noseworthy  GK  Mount Pearl, NL
23 Spencer Wilkins 1 St. John's, NL
24 Julie Crocker  3 St. John's, NL
25 Jillian Lahey 1 MF Mount Pearl, NL
26 Isabel Gramenga 1 MF Mississauga, ON
27 Laura Whelan 2 GK St. John's, NL











Memorial Sea-Hawks


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2014 Conference Stats

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2014 Results

Memorial finished the regular season in second place in the AUS with a record of 9-3-1 before going on to win the 2014 Women's Soccer Championship banner for the first time in Memorial's history. The team went on to the National CIS Championships before losing in the quarterfinals. [Read More...]








Coaching Staff

Head Coach Mike Power is at the helm of the women's soccer team. Memorial soccer alumna Laura Breen is the assistant coach. Matt Peddle is the keeper coach.