Memorial is reviewing the role competitive sports play in the life of the university. Dr. Gary Kachanoski, president and vice-chancellor, has established a university task force to carry out a formal review of the current competitive inter-university (varsity) sports program at Memorial that will inform the development of the varsity sports program from 2013 to 2020.





Consultation sessions scheduled

May 6 | Memorial University has scheduled consultation sessions with a number of stakeholder groups as part of the task force reviewing the role of competitive sports at the university. The consultation sessions will take place from May 10-31 at the St. John's campus, Grenfell Campus and Marine Institute and will include internal and external groups. [Read More...]


Background: Varsity Sports at Memorial Today

May 2 | Background information outlining the current landscape of varsity athletics at Memorial today can be found here to help provide some additional context for the consultation sessions. The information outlines the mission and vision of the Division of Athletics including current sport offerings, HR structure, conditions for success, and information on training and competition. [Read More...]


Provide online feedback

May 6 | For individuals who are unable to attend the consultation sessions but are interested in providing feedback to the task force an online form has been created. To ensure that your voice is heard please fill out the linked form by June 7, 2013. [Feedback Form]