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Athletics Northeast Flat Out 5K supports Cross-Country Running Teams

Athletics Northeast Flat Out 5K supports Cross-Country Running Teams


On Sunday April 10, 2016 the running community gathered at Boston Pizza in the East End of St. John's in the drizzle and fog for a race that would change many lives.  For some, the race was the culmination of training to run their first 5 km race of the season, for others it's the beginning of a new training regime that will prepare them for longer and even more physically demanding courses.

For each runner there is a goal.  The goal may be to achieve a new personal best for the race or to find the inner courage to run after recovering from injury.   Whatever the pace, distance or position obtained in the race, the ability to achieve more than what they thought was physically possible in itself is a noble goal.  However, many runners that day did not realize that their participation would have a secondary and significant impact on the student-athletes of the cross-country running team at Memorial University.

The Athletics Northeast (ANE) Flat Out 5K race has been the one of the fundraising sources to create the ANE Cross-Country Awards.  The ANE Awards were created through funds raised by both the Flat Out 5km Race and other fundraising activities of the Athletics Northeast Running Club.   Since the inception of the awards in 2011, the Athletics Northeast Running Club has created a permanent endowment fund that has surpassed $30,000.  The income from the endowment, coupled with further support from club enables the granting of two awards to student-athletes valued at $1,000 each.  On the fifth anniversary of presenting the ANE awards it is important to note that they are the largest awards dedicated solely to members of the cross-country running teams. 

Representatives of the Athletics Northeast Running Club, Will Small and Margo Murphy, were on hand earlier in the week to present the ANE Awards at the 56th Annual Athletics Awards Ceremony.   The endowed awards are given to two outstanding runners, one from each of the men's and women's teams.


This year's recipients were Connor Bolton and Jenny Brace.  Both student-athletes are coming off a strong season of competition and have been pivotal for their teams' most recent successes.  Connor was also awarded the Jubilee Cup for the most outstanding performance by a male or female cross-country student-athlete. 


The Division of Varsity Athletics would like to thank the Athletics Northeast Club for their ongoing efforts to ensure that our cross-country running student-athletes are rewarded for their combined excellence in academics, athletics and leadership.

For more information on how to give to the ANE Running Club Awards or how to create your own award, please contact:

Darcy McMeekin
Advancement Officer, Varsity Athletics