Sea-Hawks collect 49,381 pennies

From January 19th to February 23rd the Memorial Sea-Hawks and the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation gathered 49,381 pennies to help support the Telegram's Warm Hearts campaign. The campaign supported the Iris Kirby House, a shelter for women and their children leaving abusive relationships. The total amount of pennies raised during the overall campaign was 920,724.


Warm HeartsAt the Sea-Hawks basketball games on January 19th The Telegram launched the Warm Hearts campaign. The launch featured a halftime performance by Chris Kirby and The Marquee.


Pennies were collected at Sea-Hawks games and at the general office of the School of Human Kinetics from the launch up until the final Sea-Hawks regular season home game on February 23rd.


In total the $9,207.24 raised weighed approximately 4,968 pounds or 2,253 kilograms.


Memorial's Director of Athletics Michelle Healey was thankful for the support.


She said, "We saw this as an opportunity to help a great cause and our student-athletes, community supporters and the campus community really came through. We are really appreciative that people took the time to gather their pennies and donate them to the Warm Hearts campaign."