Kinesiology student wins $2500 in Hickman Automotive Group Finale

Memorial Kinesiology student Megan Moran took home the grand prize of $2,500 in the Hickman Motor's Final Exams contest at halftime of the Sea-Hawks women's basketball game on February 22nd. The contest was the culmination of a season-long promotion offered by Hickman Automotive Group that gave several fans the chance to walk away with cash at Sea-Hawks games.


Hickman Motors Final ExamDuring Saturday night home basketball games this season four fans qualified to take part in the Hickman's Halfcourt Heave for Cash; a half-court shot for an escalating cash pot. The season started with a $500 cash pot that escalated by an additional $500 each night. Fans qualified during the week of Sea-Hawks games through social media and through 99.1 HITS FM. With the pot at $1,500 on January 19th one fan hit the back of the rim in front of an excited crowd, coming the closest to taking home the cash prize.


The Hickman Automotive Group and Sea-Hawks Athletics grew more excited each week of the contest as there was a commitment to give away the full $2500 prize if no one hit a half court shot earlier in the season. The opportunity came to build a finale event that would engage the crowd, excite the contestants and have the grand prize presented to a lucky winner by a representative of the Hickman Automotive Group.


The result was the Hickman Motors Final Exams contest. Three contestants were selected through the Sea-Hawks Facebook fan page to participate in the on-court final exam challenge. The aim of the contest was to recreate a classroom setting where contestants would complete a five multiple choice midterm exam, with each question worth twenty percent of the final grade. The individual with the top grade in the class would win the cash prize.


Memorial's mascot, Sammy the Sea-Hawk, played the role of professor in the contest, boasting that he had recently graduated from university. Sammy's dad also made a special appearance to commemorate the occasion and gave Sammy the keys to a new 2013 Chevy Trax as a graduation present. Fans were provided with information on the graduate rebate program offered by Hickman Automotive Group and got some more details on their new showroom at 85 Kenmount Road.


Moran, a fourth year Kinesiology student, took home the cash prize of $2500 by answering four of the five questions correctly for a final grade of 80%.


Sea-Hawks Assistant Athletics Coordinator Patrick Quigley recently caught up with Megan to ask her a few questions about her experience in winning the big cash prize courtesy of the Hickman Automotive Group.


PQ: How did you hear about the contest?

MM: I was in the library taking a study break and, since I was a fan of the Sea~Hawks Facebook page, I got a notification about the contest and decided to enter. I really didn't think I'd be hearing from the Sea~Hawks the next day that I had qualified for the contest


PQ: What were your thoughts when you found out you had qualified?

MM: I was a bit nervous about being in front of the big crowd but my roommates persuaded me to come to the game and compete in the contest.


PQ: How did you feel watching the game in anticipation of the Hickman Motors Final Exams contest?

MM: Well, I couldn't really form sentences, or talk for that matter, so I guess you could say I was nervous.


PQ: How did you feel about your chances to win before halftime rolled around?

MM: I suppose being immersed in the Sea~Hawks culture as a student in the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation really helped me out with a few of those questions. I think it might have given me an edge over the other contestants.


PQ: So when did you figure you were in a pretty good position to win?

MM: I felt pretty good when I heard the final question. I knew that if I answered it correctly I would win. When I heard that it was about the location of the Hickman Motors showroom on Kenmount Road I knew I would win. I just so happened to look up that information the morning of the game!


PQ: How did it feel when you were presented with the big cheque for $2500? Any plans for all that money?

MM: I don't like being in front of a big crowd so it was a little nerve-wracking but when I got home the fact that I just won $2500 hit me and it felt great! I plan on using the majority of the money to go towards my education but I did treat myself to a new phone. I would really like to thank Hickman Automotive Group for sponsoring the contest. The prize will definitely go to good use!