Sea-Hawks Sister Act

Three sets of sisters on Sea-Hawks women's soccer roster

By Warren Gordon on Oct. 31, 2013


Sea-Hawks Sister Act 


The Memorial women's soccer team have had an impressive season thus far. So good, that the team qualified for the AUS playoffs for the first time in five seasons. A notable factoid to add to this impressive roster is that the team features three sets of sisters—the Windsors (Lauren and Julia), the Tillers (Chelsea and Jenny) and the Crockers (Julie and Jaime).


One would assume that sisters would not work well together, both on and off the field. However, these sets of sisters have no trouble interacting with their siblings or their teammates.


“It's great to finally be able to play on the same team as my sister,” said Chelsea Tiller, third-year veteran who's sister, Jenny, joined the team this year. “Our two year age difference has always kept us out of the same league growing up,” said Tiller. “We were always close growing up since we are not that far apart in age. Since the season started, however, we have definitely have become closer than ever before. It has changed our relationship in many ways; we don't just consider each other sister's anymore, but friends.”


There is, however, friendly competition between all of the siblings, as you would imagine between family members. Lauren and Julia Windsor have been teammates for two seasons now, and Lauren says that there is a sense of healthy rivalry between the two siblings.


“We are both very competitive with each other,” said Lauren Windsor. “We challenge each other, and not just in sports. We're actually taking a course together this semester, so I'm sure our competitive nature will make us both do better in it.”


Julia commented that Lauren helps push her as an athlete.


“We are naturally competitive people regardless, but I find being on the field together has made us both even more competitive, and she helps me push myself,” said Julia Windsor.


There may be healthy competition between sisters, but as Chelsea Tiller comments, there is no butting of heads between the three sets of sisters.


“No, there is no real rivalry between any of the three sets of sisters on the team,” said Tiller. “We all get along with each other on and off the field. But of course when it comes down to you and your sister, there will always be that natural drive to do better than your sibling; whether it be on the field in a one on one drill or something at home.”


Chemistry is a key aspect to the success of any sports team, both on the pitch and off. There seems to be a lot of class acts on the Memorial women's soccer team, which has helped the team this season.


“Our team this season has a lot of team chemistry anyway; both on and off the field all the girls are very close,” said Lauren Windsor. “Jane Pope actually jokes about myself and Julia, adopting her as a third sister. Having three sets of sisters on the team has probably had a hand in making a very close team even closer. This is the most chemistry I've seen in our team in my five years and it has definitely had a positive effect on our game.”


Check out the three sets of sisters this Friday as they compete in the AUS Championship quarterfinal versus UPEI at 11 a.m. (Atlantic time) in Moncton. The game will be live on webcast at





Warren Gordon is the Sports Editor at The Muse and the host of The Party on Memorial University's campus radio station 93.5 CHMR-FM.