Gregory motivated to continually improve


Finds inspiration from family and fellow athletes


By Warren Gordon on August 12, 2013


Peter Gregory, a third year swimmer for the Memorial Sea-Hawks, has plenty of motivation to meet his ambitious goals for the 2013-14 season. The thoughtful biochemistry student has a plan that will see him reach the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) time standard, achieve a 95% attendance rate and maintain his status as an Academic All-Canadian. As Gregory strives to achieve his personal goals he is inspired by those that have a shared devotion to a sport that demands so much.


Swimming was a big part of Gregory’s life growing up as his three older siblings were all competitive swimmers. It was no surprise that, when the time came to choose a sport to participate in, he chose swimming.


Peter Gregory - Memorial Swimming“Swimming was my first choice of sport as a child,” said Gregory. “Growing up with three older siblings, their choices highly impacted my choices. Since all three of them were competitive swimmers, I travelled to swim meets at a young age and immediately loved the sport. I loved the feeling of being in the water as well as the unity it brought to my family. With all four of us as competitive swimmers, it brought me much closer to my siblings.”


We all have a motivation that drags us along and gives us that extra push to succeed and Peter Gregory is no different. He says that growing up with siblings pushed him to be the best.


“My competitive nature is what drives me to succeed,” said Gregory. “Growing up with brothers and sisters, your instinct drives you to become more competitive. As for my motivation, it comes from the people who drive me to be competitive, the people who push me on a daily basis to be better. My motivation also comes from people I really respect. People like athletes who give everything to be the best they can be for their team or people who don’t settle for second best. People with positive attitudes and a strong competitive drive to succeed motivate me.”


Peter will be heading into his third year in September. He says that he has faced some student-athlete challenges, much like his fellow teammates.


“Thus far in my Sea-Hawks career I have learned how hard it is to maintain a high academic standing and compete full-time as a varsity athlete,” said Gregory. “Especially in the first year of my program, I found it very difficult to swim at nine practices a week and still maintain a high academic average. I learned that university requires much more efficient studying techniques, and that a varsity athlete who plans on doing well in school and excelling at their sport must develop very good time management skills.”


When he is not studying hard or training, Gregory is, well, swimming more. But that of course, is not a bad thing for him.


“Something a lot of people don't know about me is that my favourite thing to do on Saturdays when I have the day off is to volunteer [and] coach swimming,” said Gregory. “On Saturday nights for the last year, I have been volunteering as a coach of the St. John's Special Olympics Swim Team, and it has been a great experience. The enjoyment the swimmers get from the swim practices makes me remember why I love swimming. Even though every practice is hard in its own way, it's fun to be swimming competitively for my school [and] with my friends.”


He says that his goals for the near future include both school and swimming.


“Some of my goals for this semester are to get my CIS time standard for the 2013-14 varsity season, to have above a ninety-five percent attendance, and to maintain my academic average in school,” said Gregory. “All three are realistic goals, which will be hard to achieve, but are attainable through hard work.”


Gregory says that he hopes that future athletes do not fall into the same ruts as he did in his first two years as a Memorial athlete.


“The advice I would give to prospective Memorial swimmers would be to try to develop better time management skills,” said Gregory. “[That way,] you are more prepared for our vigorous training program along with your academic program. I would also tell prospective Memorial swimmers that our swim team has a great atmosphere and that we are excited to have more people joining our team every season.” 





Warren Gordon is the Sports Editor at The Muse and the host of The Party on Memorial University's campus radio station 93.5 CHMR-FM.