Fishbein playing pro in Germany

Memorial Sea-Hawks alumna talks about her transition to professional basketball

Grace Fishbein


By: Warren Gordon on Dec. 4, 2013



It was just last season that Grace Fishbein was donning the Memorial Sea-Hawks jersey for one last game of CIS basketball. But now, Fishbein is in Germany playing professionally with TSV TOWERS Speyer.


The 22 year old forward says that she had an itch to travel, and Germany was the place to go.


“I was very excited,” said Fishbein on her initial thoughts on playing in Germany. “I've had an itch to travel for a while now, and more then travel, I wanted to experience new things and adjust to living in a new country. So far, life has been pretty great. I have done some travelling [in Europe], got to spend some time with family this summer and now I'm in Germany playing professional basketball.”


Typically when travelling to another country, whether it be for 10 days or 10 months, there is a feeling of culture shock for some people, but Fishbein says she welcomed the challenge of entering a new country.


“I didn't find there was much of a culture shock in moving here,” said Fishbein. “There are many different parts and ways of doing things here. As well as the obvious, a different language, but I've welcomed any changes as new challenges to adjust to. It has been very refreshing to experience new things every day.”


As for her Speyer teammates, she says that she was welcomed with open arms at the start of the season.


“I've meshed really well with my teammates,” said Fishbein. “They have been very welcoming, inviting me to take part in different events here, making sure I have some home-cooked traditional German meals and offering me the whole German experience. There is another Canadian on my team, Kathryn Verboom, she has been playing with the TOWERS for 4 years now. She has especially been very welcoming and made the adjustment of moving here much easier. We get along really well, and it's nice to have someone else here from Canada.”


Fishbein is ambitious around her professional basketball future.


“I would like to take this opportunity as far as I can,” said Fishbein. “Meaning, that I would like to play professionally for as long as it makes sense and see how far I can push my athletic abilities. In other goals, I'd like to pursue my education as well—I'm exploring what opportunities I may have to study while I'm here. I'm very excited and feel very blessed to have this opportunity. I look forward to what the future brings here and where this may take me as I am doing everything I can to make the absolute most of this experience.”



In seven games played with TSV TOWERS Speyer, Grace Fishbein has averaged 10.3 points-per-game and 6.1 rebounds-per-game, which sits her in fourth and second on her team respectively. Speyer currently holds a 5-5 record, and sit in fifth place in the South Conference of their league.





Warren Gordon is the Sports Editor at The Muse and the host of The Party on Memorial University's campus radio station 93.5 CHMR-FM.