Volunteer Opportunities

Athlete Volunteer Opportunities

All student-athletes are encouraged to take advantage of their opporunity as varsity athletes to build their resumes as much as possible. Participating in volunteer opportunities is a great way to do this.

Athletics is involved in various community inititiatives and volunteer programs.

Throughout the season other opportunities will be circulated via team lists by the Division of Athletics. Athletes are encouraged to take part in as many opportunities as possible.

Athletes are also encouraged to find their own opportunities to volunteer with community groups and youth groups of all sorts

For information on how you can become a volunteer or if you need assistance in setting up your own initiative please contact Ian Coultas.


Co-Curricular Record

The co-curricular record (CCR) at Memorial is a new iniative by Student Affairs and Services that has been launched to document what students have learned from their on-campus involvment. 

The CCR is much like an acadmic transcript but documents a student's involvement on campus throughout the year. Student-athletes shoudl include their participation as a varsity-athlete and their on-campus community leadership and volunteer activities on this official transcript that is available for use with prospective employment offers, applications to professional or graduate schools and other future needs.