Mental Health Awareness

Post-secondary student-athletes face immense pressures including performing in school and sport, managing finances and planning for the future, and staying connected to friends and family. Student-athletes are equally, if not more likely, than their peers to face mental health challenges. Often, they struggle to get help because of stigma surrounding mental illness in sport. The expectation to be mentally tough keeps many student-athletes silent and isolated. 

In order to education varsity athletes and to try and end the stigma surrounding mental health, Sea-Hawks athletes have joined SAMHI (Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative) to promote this message throughout the Memorial campus.

What is SAMHI?

The Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative is a Canadian mental health champion for varsity athletes. By sharing stories and raising awareness, developing resources for student-athletes and coaches, and collaborating with post-secondary institutions, SAMHI is changing the conversation about what it means to be mentally tough. 

Why is this so important?  

Student-athletes face immense pressures including performing in school and sport, managing finances, a social life and family life. It is problematic to assume that the status of “athlete” automatically equips these individuals with an innate resilience to these stresses. We cannot assume that the mental health problems that affect 1 in 5 Canadians do not also affect student-athletes.

The Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative (SAMHI) is about breaking down these assumptions by educating Canadians about the vulnerabilities of student-athletes, promoting the wellness of all student-athletes, and supporting student-athletes who may suffer from a mental health problem or illness.

What are Mental Health Matchups?

Mental Health Matchups are varsity events that put the spotlight on mental health and student-athletes.  The goal is to raise awareness of mental health and illness in sport, connect students with mental health resources available both on-campus and in the community.

The Sea-Hawks student-athletes took part in Mental Health Matchups on Friday, February 26th during the final home basketball games versus StFX.  Sea-Hawks student-athletes, from a variety of sports, worked together to raise awareness and to raise money in support of this great cause.  Our Sea-Hawks student-athletes held a bake sale, sold 50/50 tickets, and sold tickets on a gift basket, which helped raise $1500.

Check out this video put together by Sea-Hawks student-athletes to help spread the word on the importance of mental health awareness - SAMHI Mental Health Matchups Video