Club Sport

Memorial Athletics supports twelve varsity teams in six sports, including soccer, cross country running, volleyball, basketball, swimming and wrestling. In addition to these teams, some Memorial students have formalized sport teams that are self-funded. These programs are referred to as club sport programs and many of these teams compete at a competitive level. Currently Memorial has teams in curling (men's and women's), cheerleading and rowing that compete under the club sport umbrella.

All club sport team members must be full-time students at Memorial and all teams must register with Memorial Athletics. Club sport is not recreation in nature and all non-competitive clubs may register as a student club or society with MUNSU, but may not use the Sea~Hawks brand without written permission from Memorial Athletics.

Funding from varsity athletics is not available for club sport participation.

All club sport teams that engage in any competition off-campus must complete registration forms and club sport participation waiver forms. Please check with Memorial Athletics for more information.

If you are interested in creating a club sport team, please contact Karen Murphy, or telephone 864-8683